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Private Apartment REIT's with Centurion Founder Greg Romundt | CRELIBRARY Episode #7

In this interview, Sim and Dayma sit down with President and Founder of Centurion Asset Management. Centurion got their start by strategically purchasing multi-family properties in secondary markets across Ontario (Kitchener, Hamilton etc.). Today, Greg's company has close to $2 Bn in assets under management, and they're growing quickly. 

In addition to Centurion's dominant apartment portfolio, they also boast one of Canada's largest student housing portfolios, a successful corporate lending practice, and they are large equity investor in the multifamily development space (and a whole lot more). 

In this discussion, we go through how Greg founded the organization, how we could solve Canada's (and specifically Ontario's) rental housing crisis, and how Greg thinks about life in general.


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