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Building Communities with Allied Properties REIT Founder Michael Emory | CRELIBRARY Episode #17

In episode 17, we sat down with Michael Emory - CEO and Founder of Allied Properties REIT (Allied). Allied was known initially for its leading role in the emergence of Class I workspace, a format created through the adaptive re-use of light industrial structures. This format typically features high ceilings, abundant natural light, exposed structural frames, interior brick and hardwood floors. From founding the company over 30 years ago, Michael has grown Allied to a portfolio of 160 distinctive properties, over 11 million square feet of space, and - at the time of writing - a market cap of roughly 6.024 billion. 

With uncompromising commitment toward a vision, Allied has been able to create some of Canada's most notable environments and communities. 

This episode will be especially interesting to you if you care about the following:

* Entrepreneurship; * REITs; * Building design; * Coworking; * History; * New Developments (eg. The Well - located at Spadina Ave and Front St in Toronto); and much more.

For more information on Allied Properties REIT - check out their website here: 


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