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Coworking Revolution with IWG's - Wayne Berger | CRELIBRARY Episode #12

Wayne Berger is the CEO of IWG (parent company to Regus, Spaces, HQ, Signature, and No.18) for Canada and Latin America. He was generous enough to let us shoot this monster episode in a Spaces location in Toronto's Queen West neighbourhood. Wayne sits at the helm of IWG - the largest and most successful provider of coworking space globally.

In this episode we cover A LOT including the following: 

- Why large enterprises like Deloitte are partnering with coworking providers - How office workers differ from country to country  - How IWG plans to continue to keep up with the insane demand in the space - What differentiates the providers as more entrants explore coworking (eg. Oxford Properties recently announced it will be experimenting with the model)

This is our longest episode by a large margin, and for good reason.


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