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Canada's All-Time Greatest Investment Broker with Avtar Bains | CRELIBRARY Episode #11

Avtar Bains joined Colliers in 1981, and still holds the all-time record for record for gross revenue by a broker. Throughout Colliers, Avtar has a status among legends (though he would never admit that) achieved from a rocket-like career trajectory culminating with him successfully leading the Colliers National Investment Team. 

Currently he is the principal (and founder) of Premise Properties - an active real estate investment firm headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. They focus on the long-term investment horizon and execute with a hands-on asset management approach. Since their inception, Premise Properties has completed transactions in Western Canada, Eastern Canada and the United States.

In addition to leading Premise Properties, Avtar currently holds four board positions with Aspen Properties, Morguard North American Residential REIT, Peterson and UBC Properties Trust.


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