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Ty Diamond on The Well, Large Scale-Development, and Diamond Kilmer Partnership | Episode #61

Ty Diamond - President of Diamond Kilmer - joins Dayma to discuss The Well, working with city planners to create large-scale projects, and Diamond Corp's partnership with Kilmer Group. SECURE COMMERCIAL FINANCING: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE: SPOTIFY | APPLE | INSTAGRAM | TIKTOK | Podcast Clips on YouTube: The Well 11:00 Navigating the development process 15:00 Framework for evaluating a development site 18:35 What challenges do you typically encounter? 26:00 Market commentary! 41:30 Ford's Greenbelt plan 45:20 Diamond Kilmer JV 49:00 Best place to invest $5M Reach out to the Commercial Real Estate Library hosts on Linkedin.


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