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Residential Home Construction with Fusion Homes CEO Lee Picolli | CRELIBRARY Episode #41

Lee Piccoli is the founder and CEO of Fusion Homes - an award winning home builder operating in secondary markets across Ontario. From virtual tours to skyrocketing material prices to overwhelming buyer interest - the market has changed a lot in 4 months. We speak with Lee to understand how he's built his business, navigated the pandemic so far, and what he sees happening in the next 6 months. More about Fusion Homes: Fusion Homes was established when, at the age of 25, Lee Piccoli founded the business with the sole purpose of creating a home building company that would offer the highest level of service, reliability and integrity. Piccoli’s vision to provide superior homes without sacrificing quality or service was a fresh perspective in a booming industry of cost competitors. Since then, our company has evolved into the leader it is today with over 1,000 homes built in five cities throughout Ontario.

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