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Laundering Money Through Real Estate with MNP Partner Greg Draper | CRELIBRARY Episode #52

Note: We don't advise you to actually launder money... This episode focuses on how commercial real estate can be used to launder cash, especially in Canada. Financial crimes expert Greg Draper joins us. Greg Draper, MBA, DIFA, FCPA, FCGA, CFF, CAMS, ICD.D, is a senior Partner and Forensics Services team member with MNP. Greg helps his clients manage their legal, financial and reputational risks related to fraud and other ethical breaches. He also proactively helps clients conduct anti-money laundering compliance reviews, fraud risk assessments and anti-corruption due diligence. Greg is recognized by the courts, the media and his peers as an expert in his field, with extensive experience conducting investigations and executing civil injunctions, including Anton Piller Orders. Before joining MNP, Greg served for 10 years in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where he was a senior investigator of complex international financial crimes. Follow us:


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