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Global Funds with Starlight Capital CEO Dennis Mitchell | CRELIBRARY Episode 19

Our guest today is Dennis Mitchell, CEO & CIO of Starlight Capital. Starlight Capital is a Canadian asset manager with a focus in global real estate and infrastructure businesses. Starlight Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Starlight Investments, allowing it to leverage the scale an operating expertise of the $11Bn organization.

Dennis Mitchell joined Starlight Capital in March 2018 as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer. Dennis has over 15 years of experience in the investment industry and has held executive positions with Sprott Asset Management, serving as Senior Vice-President and Senior Portfolio Manager, and Sentry Investments, serving as Executive Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer.

This video will be interesting for those of you interested in the public markets. This episode was filmed on October 4th, 2019.


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