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$11.6Bn in AUM with Nicola Wealth Founder John Nicola | CRELIBRARY Episode #55

In 1994, with 25 years of experience as a well-respected voice in the industry, John Nicola formed Nicola Wealth, a firm dedicated to serving the complex needs of high net worth families, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Not satisfied with the existing approach and believing a more sophisticated level of planning was necessary, Nicola Wealth has made innovation a foundational cornerstone and continues to find ways to improve client returns and their experience. Starting out with seven staff and $80-million in assets under management, Nicola Wealth refined and developed its integrated approach to wealth management, including investments, risk management, tax planning, estate planning, and more. Today, the firm manages $11-billion in assets, operates with nearly 400 staff, and has five offices (Vancouver, Kelowna, Richmond, Toronto and Vaughan), advising institutions and high net worth families of all professions and backgrounds. For more: visit Follow us on Linkedin: Follow us on Apple Podcasts: Follow us on Spotify:


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