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The Evolution of Canadian Real Estate with George Przybylowski | CRELIBRARY Episode #15

In this discussion we sat down with one of Canadian real estate's most impactful contributors - George Przybylowski. As the founder of the Real Estate Forum and Vice President of Informa - George is the organizer of Canada's largest annual conferences and expositions focused on commercial real estate investment, leasing, financing and development; building design, construction and renovation; and real estate management and property operations. He is responsible for bringing to prominence many of today's most influential real estate minds through his events. 

In this interview George takes us through a storied career - from a rock n' roll tour with Lighthouse to a career in politics working to renew neighbourhoods and promote intensification. Illustrative of his impact, George was recently presented the NAIOP Community Service Award.

This discussion will be interesting for those who care about real estate history, events, politics, rock n' roll, and longevity in an industry where 30% attrition in a company is commonplace. 

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