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Ugo Bizzarri

Hazelview Investments

{"nodes":[{"type":"PARAGRAPH","id":"foo","nodes":[{"type":"TEXT","id":"","nodes":[],"textData":{"text":"Ugo Bizzarri co-founded Timbercreek Asset Management in 1999 and is now the Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer of Hazelview Investments. In his role as Chief Executive Officer, Ugo leads a team of over 600 individuals located across 19 offices in Canada, the United States, Europe and Hong Kong who collectively contribute towards the management of over $9 billion in real estate investments.","decorations":[]}}],"paragraphData":{"textStyle":{"textAlignment":"AUTO"},"indentation":0}},{"type":"PARAGRAPH","id":"9uc7t","nodes":[],"paragraphData":{"textStyle":{"textAlignment":"AUTO"},"indentation":0}}],"metadata":{"version":1,"createdTimestamp":"2022-02-24T01:59:30.494Z","updatedTimestamp":"2022-02-24T01:59:30.494Z","id":"faaca4d4-1483-4904-b640-e6f2c1aa926e"},"documentStyle":{}}

Ugo Bizzarri

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